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Final Fantasy XV’s first Tech Demo Unveiled in Video

by Joey Davidson | November 19, 2014November 19, 2014 2:30 pm PST

A week or so ago, Square Enix released a 10 minute walkabout for the open world of Final Fantasy XV. Today, we have a three minute video that focuses on the engine behind the space.

Below the heavy layers of intense music, you’ll see time-lapses and unique shots of in-game development, lighting, weather and grass. Get excited for grass, my fellow gaming nerds.

The engine does look really good, all jokes aside. The lighting in particular has been done very well in this clip, at least from my perspective. Final Fantasy XV has been in dev for a very long time now, so it makes sense that the game looks so darn good.

This clip is marked as “Tech Demo Vol. 1,” so I imagine we’ll see a whole series of these engine-driven shorts. We’ll make sure to gather up the good ones and share them with you.

Until then, are you excited for Final Fantasy XV? The game’s a ways out, but it’s set to sell for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One down the line. Players will be able to take a swing at a demo that’s set to be packed with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD when that launches this coming March.

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