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Nokia Z Launcher for Android Finally Available to Download

by Jacob Kleinman | November 18, 2014November 18, 2014 10:00 pm PST

Earlier this year, Nokia surprised us with an exciting new Android launcher. The Z Launcher offered a new way to interact with your device and search for apps, but there was no easy way to actually download it. Now, six months later you can finally try out Nokia’s launcher for yourself.

The Z Launcher’s biggest selling point is a feature called “Scribble,” which lets you search through your device’s apps by drawing a letter on your homescreen. For example, if you need to pull up Google Maps just scribble a quick G and the app should appear. The launcher also puts your most-used apps, websites and contacts front and center based on the time of day, and promises to adapt and improve the more you use it.

Nokia also pushed out some improvements to its launcher. The entire thing should run faster, predict your search results better and recognize the letters you scribble more easily. You can even run the Z Launcher on a rooted device.

Today’s announcement coincides with the company’s new N1 tablet, which is designed in part to showcase the app but won’t actually launch until early next year.┬áIn the meantime, you can try out Z Launcher for yourself by heading to Google Play via the source link below. Just remember this launcher is in beta, so it’s possible Nokia still has a few rough edges left to polish.

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