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Hilarious Assassin’s Creed Unity Glitch – You’re Ruining My Moment!

by Ron Duwell | November 17, 2014November 17, 2014 9:30 pm PDT

Why are people complaining about all the glitches in Assassin’s Creed Unity? Why are these being talked about like they are a bad thing? I’ve had more fun with this game cruising through YouTube than I’ve had actually playing any of the others.

This one is ¬†fine example. YouTube user¬†ZeroX03 Gaming captured this cutscene in which our hero Arno listens to some snob give a speech about life and dignity. To Ubisoft’s and the mo-cap actors’ credit, its a wonderfully acted scene that plays out just like you would expect from a quality Hollywood film. Dare I say that I felt engaged?

That is, until a couple of NPCs wander in off the streets and totally ruin the scene as this character delivers a monologue. Not only do they crowd around our hero, they taunt and jeer him in loud voices while the conversation is still going on! I would give kudos to these two actors if this was the set of a Hollywood movie for not breaking character during this rude interruption, but because these are just models that don’t know any better, it’s all the more hilarious!

I’m half waiting for that character to just drop it all and punch one of them in the face. It’d be more than we could ask for from Christian Bale or Sean Penn or some of our quick tempered Hollywood stars.

So seriously though, I can see why someone who dropped $60 on this game would be upset. The frame rate issues and game breaking glitches are inexcusable for a game of its importance and size, but from the outside looking in, seeing these freaky faceless characters and Arno plummeting through an endless void makes this the most entertaining Assassin’s Creed yet!

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