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GTA Online Character Creator Leaked – With Friends Like These…

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online both go live tomorrow, and three new leaked screenshots show off the kind of characters you’ll be able to create with the new and enhanced character creator.

I think we’ve all dreamed about creating our own Grand Theft Auto characters while playing the series. Sure, Rockstar’s band of colorful protagonists carry the franchise well enough, but I always thought the allure of the series was to plant yourself into their shoes and have the freedom to cause all that chaos playing as your digital recreation. Grand Theft Auto Online made that possible last year, and this new version brings your dream that much closer.

This new character creator allows for legible tattoos, hair, and I guess the ability to create a big, huge frowny face. What’s the matter with that second guy, I wonder?

Grand Theft Auto V is still an undertaking that remains on my bucket list. I’ve held it off for so long, and even with the releases this week, I don’t feel it’ll be happening anytime soon. I’ve got Inquisitors to recruit, Personas to fuse, and mitochondria to do battle with! That being said, I really would like to make my own character and take him for a few rounds in Los Santos.

Luckily, Grand Theft Auto V is so massively popular that I don’t have to worry about the online community going anywhere anytime soon. Check out the next-gen versions of this game tomorrow! The PC version will release on Jan. 27.

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Ron Duwell

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