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Goat Simulator Becoming an MMO in Free Expansion

by Joey Davidson | November 17, 2014November 17, 2014 7:30 pm PDT

Goat Simulator is about to take on a whole new form. Developer Coffee Stain Studios has announced that a free download will launch on Nov. 20 that will take the game from solo the massive.

That’s right, Goat MMO Simulator is coming. It’s a fantasy setting, and it looks (somehow) more ridiculous than we ever thought Goat Simulator could look.

Okay, Goat Simulator was something I sort of turned my nose up at. It was a silly game, one I really didn’t have time to explore, and people were buying it for a few laughs and moving on. This, though? This insane update from Coffee Stain? This is glorious, and I’m sorry for ever ignoring this game now.

Did you see those fish-legged people in the video? I did. I want to fight them as a goat, badly.

Goat MMO Simulator will arrive as free DLC on Nov. 20. I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Joey Davidson

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