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YouTube Has its Own Music Streaming Service

by Brandon Russell | November 12, 2014November 12, 2014 1:00 pm PDT

Starting next week, YouTube will launch its very own subscription music service, called YouTube Music Key. The point of entry, like most services of this nature are, will be $9.99/month, giving you unfettered access to YouTube’s immense library of music without icky ads. The new platform is essentially like Spotify and even Google’s own All Access, just on YouTube, which has housed a pretty extensive library since its inception years and years ago.

Once the service goes live, users will be able to access it from the Android and iOS apps, and at You’ll get access to music videos, recommended music playlists, and more. Like All Access, the service is designed to suggest music to users based on trends, moods, etc.

“If a song exists in the world, you can probably find it on YouTube,” an announcement post explains. “But until today you couldn’t easily find and play full albums. In the coming days, you’ll be able to see an artist’s discography on YouTube, and play a full album with both their official music videos and high-quality songs our music partners added to YouTube.”

Once subscribed, you’ll get to listen to music without ads, keep music videos playing even if your device is locked and even take your listening habits offline. As part of the new YouTube Music Key, subscribers will also gain access to Google Play Music, which currently offers over 30 million songs and wonderfully curated playlists; Google Play Music will update soon to allow current subscribers to watch official music videos from right within the app.

YouTube Music Key will launch as a beta first, which you can sign up for here, with a promotional price of $7.99/month (regular price is $9.99). Invites to the beta are currently going out, giving some lucky people the chance to try it out for six months for free. Check out the video above to get a better sense of what the new service is all about.


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