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T-Mobile Delays Launch of Nexus 6 Until Next Week

by Brandon Russell | November 11, 2014November 11, 2014 2:45 pm PST

Google Nexus 6-10

It’s early days, but it’s been pretty difficult to find a Nexus 6 direct from Google despite new units being made available every Wednesday. Unfortunately, you won’t fair any better going through carrier partners either. T-Mobile on Tuesday confirmed the Nexus 6 launch is being pushed back by an entire week to give “customers the best experience possible;” the device was originally planned to go on sale through T-Mobile on Nov. 12.

According to TmoNews, the Tweet you see below is just T-Mobile’s way of nicely saying Motorola didn’t provide enough units to sell. Rather than dealing with irate customers, it wants to ensure it at least has respectable stock before the device is made available. TmoNews says Motorola was supposed to ship units to T-Mobile this past weekend, but failed to do so, which means the carrier wouldn’t have even had units to put on display. TmoNews concludes that other carriers will experience the same constrained supply, though we haven’t heard a peep from AT&T or Sprint just yet.

The news might be difficult to hear for anyone hoping to pick the device up tomorrow. When the Nexus 6 first went up for sale, it was gone in a matter of seconds, though it’s unclear just how many units have been sold thus far. Judging by the way things are going, it sure sounds like finding one before the year is up will be a major challenge. If a big, well-known carrier can’t get units, the chances of you finding one, whether through Google or elsewhere, seems slim.

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