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Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Hits Early Access

by Joey Davidson | November 11, 2014November 11, 2014 9:30 pm PDT

Double Fine ran two separate Kickstarter campaigns. The first was for an adventure game that eventually turned into Broken Age (we’re still waiting on the second half), and the second was for a crazy tactical RPG with genetics and lineage in play. That second one was for Massive Chalice, and it earned more than $1.2 million from crowdfunding.

That happened in June of last year. The game has finally hit Early Access on Steam in playable form, and that comes just two months after its originally expected release window. Hey, that’s pretty good for Double Fine (no offense, Mr. Schafer!).

Massive Chalice is selling for $29.99 on Steam’s Early Access, though you can nab it with a 25 percent discount if you act sooner rather than later. There’s a trailer for the Early Access edition at the head of this post.

We’ll be diving into this one in the coming days. If you backed the game, you should have received your code this morning. If you didn’t, I’d say you should head to the Kickstarter page and follow Double Fine’s Backer instructions.

We’ll have more on Massive Chalice as it comes.


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