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Just Cause 3 to be Free-to-Play? More Leaks Suggest Microtransactions

by Ron Duwell | November 8, 2014November 8, 2014 7:00 am PDT

Oh, fiddlesticks. Following the bunch from earlier this week, three more alleged Just Cause 3 screenshots have leaked from Xbox Underground, and it’s looking more and more like the game is going to be a free-to-play title.

Summing up from the in-game menus, gamers will have the opportunity to buy a pack of 400 “Diamonds” for $7 a pop. These diamonds will be used when buying or “renting” cars, whatever that means. No car I ever picked up in Just Cause 2 ever lasted more than a few minutes, so why bother renting?

Fans of the previous game might remember that equipment can be dropped at any time at any place for a decent portion of in game currency, but it seems like you’ll have to pay with real world money for those trucks and rifles now. I’ll be treating my purchases with a little more care if that’s the case. No more fun experimenting by tying them to the backs of airplanes. That’s real-world money you are wasting!

What happens if they start charging for parachutes? I go through those like a bag of Skittles!

Further evidence points to a countdown meter for the grenade launcher, something that is all too common in free-to-play titles. Granted, previous games had a very small time limit on how often these could be dropped, but never at the the upwards of five minutes. If this turns out to be free-to-play, who knows how many “diamonds” it’s going to take to make that time meter vanish quicker.

This is a shocking revelation, and a little disappointing considering how much of a fan favorite Just Cause 2 is. Granted, it would be wrong to dismiss Just Cause 3 just because it is rumored to be a free-to-play title. Maybe this is the title which warms our hearts to the idea, but also maybe not. Avalanche Studios is already working with the Mad Max license, which I think is going to have a lot of Just Cause 2’s spirit, and perhaps this was the best it could do for a little extra revenue.

We’ll wait for something official from the studio before jumping to and solid conclusions. Treat this a as rumor for now.


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