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Vsenn Promises a Secure Modular Smartphone to Challenge Project Ara

by Jacob Kleinman | November 7, 2014November 7, 2014 8:00 am PDT

Project Ara

Google has been dominating the modular phone conversation with Project Ara, but a new rival with Nokia roots is looking to change that. Vsenn was officially announced this week, promising a security-focused device with customizable hardware.

Based in Finland, Vsenn was co-founded by a former Nokia X product manager who goes unnamed on the company’s new website. The device itself will run vanilla Android with the promise of regular software updates for four years. On the security side, Vsenn says it will offer free VPN network access and a protected cloud for storing your data.

As for the hardware itself, Vsenn revealed that it will offer multiple screen sizes including a 4.7-inch Full HD display with a PPI of 468.7. Beyond that , the company says you’ll be able to swap out three other modules: camera, battery and processor/RAM. You’ll also be able to customize the look of your device with a variety of back covers.

We’re curious to see exactly what Vsenn has planned, though for now it’s really just a splash page and a handful of vague promises. Still, competition is always a good thing, and at the very least this should push Google to up its game even more with Project Ara.


Jacob Kleinman

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