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Apple Boots Fitbit Products From its Stores, and We Think We Know Why

by Todd Haselton | November 7, 2014November 7, 2014 4:00 pm PDT

Apple Fifth Avenue store exterior

Bose isn’t the only company getting the boot from Apple retail stores. Apple is also now officially pulling Fitbit products from its online and physical store shelves, according to a report on Friday from¬†9to5Mac. Apple hasn’t been forthcoming on why it will stop selling Fitbit products; its decision on Bose was much clearer, considering that it now owns Beats and Bose is a direct competitor. Fitbit’s fitness wearables don’t currently compete directly with any Apple products, though that will change soon. There’s also another big reason why Apple may have made its decision.

Fitbit, though once teased as a partner for Apple HealthKit, which collects data from wearables and other medical devices and pulls them into Apple’s Health application in iOS, has decided not to support Apple’s platform. Instead, most recently it started working with Microsoft to add Windows Phone support for its products, complete with support for Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant. Other new Fitbit features also support Android and iOS, however, but Apple probably doesn’t want to sell fitness products that don’t tie-in directly with other hardware sold in Apple locations.¬†Apple may also be concerned that Fitbit’s products, specifically its incoming Surge smartwatch, will compete too directly with the Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, Apple still appears to support and sell Jawbone wearables, which also provide health-tracking data but already support the Apple HealthKit platform. The lesson here? Give Apple the cold shoulder and expect one in return.


Todd Haselton

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