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Duck Hunt Releasing on the Wii U Virtual Console

by Ron Duwell | November 6, 2014November 6, 2014 5:30 pm PDT

Duck Hunt

I never thought Nintendo would get around to emulating this one, but here we have it. During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo confirmed that Duck Hunt would be making its first appearance on the Virtual Console via the Wii U.

Wait, how exactly does one emulate Duck Hunt? Will the Wii U make use of the original NES zapper? Even if yours still somehow works after 30 years, Nintendo has confirmed that if you want to play, you’ll have to use a Wii Remote instead.

It’s a fine substitute, but there really is nothing like the real thing in this situation. The strong click of that spring behind the trigger is half the experience.

No release date yet, but with all Duck Hunt craze appearing on the Wii U recently through this long overdue NES re-release and other games, I wonder if Nintendo is planning to do anything new with the franchise. Probably not, but the thought of an HD Duck Hunt on the Wii U is a ton of fun to think about.

Nintendo Direct

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