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Windows Phone Gets Softcard Mobile Payment Option

by Todd Haselton | November 5, 2014November 5, 2014 8:00 pm PDT

Apple Pay may still be getting all of the headlines as it starts rolling out, probably because it’s a platform that didn’t previously exist, but there are still other options on the market for folks on different operating systems. Softcard, for example, has been around for iOS and Android devices for a while now, and it’s already supported by NFC-based mobile payment systems around the United States. That’s in addition to Google Wallet, which arguably helped pave the way for these systems in the first place.

Now, Softcard has a Windows Phone application.

That means Windows Phone users with Windows Phone 8.1 installed and an onboard NFC chip can now use their phone for tap-and-go mobile payments, similar to how one might pay using Google Wallet or Apple Pay. It’s only supported by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T in the United States, however, and you’ll need to visit your carrier for a special SIM card before you can get started. Then, once you have that Softcard SIM, you’ll have to install the free Softcard application and setup your account to work with the credit or debit card of your choice. You can also use an optional prepaid account and fill it up using your bank account or credit/debit card.

You may have heard of Softcard before – it was previously called Isis and came pre-installed on Android devices from those aforementioned carriers before the company decided to change its name for obvious reasons. It supports loyalty cards, too, and promises “layers of security” to keep your data private.

Once you’re all set up, simply walk into a retail store that accepts mobile payments, open the Softcard app on your Windows Phone, select your payment card, and tap your phone to the payment terminal. Hit the source to download the application, and we’ve also included a second link that will allow you to search for local vendors that accept the payment platform.

Todd Haselton

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