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The Full Halo 2: Anniversary Documentary is Here

by Joey Davidson | November 5, 2014November 5, 2014 7:30 pm PDT

If you’re fancying a little trip into the past before you pick up Halo: The Master Chief Collection next week on the Xbox One, you might want to fire up a pot of coffee and settle in for an hour of documentary.

Remaking the Legend – Halo 2: Anniversary is live and on YouTube (embedded in full at the head of this post). It dives into the beginning of Halo, what it meant for Microsoft and Xbox and how 343 Industries has taken to the task of giving the sequel a fresh coat of paint in the modern gaming age.

I have The Master Chief Collection in my possession right now for review. I’ve been steeped in the lore of Halo 2 for a few days now, and I can tell you that it holds up exactly as well as I remember. I can’t talk about much more, but fans of Halo should be excited.

I digress. Enjoy the documentary, relive the nostalgia and have some fun.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will release next week on Nov. 11. Stay tuned for more.

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