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Dropbox Getting Direct Integration with Microsoft Office

by Jacob Kleinman | November 5, 2014November 5, 2014 7:00 pm PST

Dropbox and Microsoft are partnering up to offer direct integration between Office and the popular cloud storage service, the companies announced on Tuesday. The deal makes a lot of sense considering how many people already use the two services in tandem, and Dropbox notes that it currently hosts over 35 billion Office documents, spreadsheets and files.

Microsoft and Dropbox are basically making it possible to use both services from inside either app. For example, if you’re working in Office you can save directly to the cloud service, access all of your saved files, and share documents with a Dropbox link. Meanwhile, Dropbox has added a new button that allows you to quickly open up Office documents on your mobile device and then sync changes right to the cloud.

For anyone who uses both Dropbox and Office on a regular basis, this is great news, and it still plays well into Microsoft’s master plan. The company offers Office users plenty of storage through its competing service, OneDrive, which is already integrated with Office. However, Microsoft said that business customers who want the same Dropbox integration still need to sign up for an Office 365 subscription, which means Microsoft is milking a few new subscribers to its own services by wooing users with Dropbox integration.

The updates should start rolling out in the next few weeks for Android and iOS, with desktop browser support coming sometime in the first half of 2015. Dropbox also revealed plans to release an official app for Windows Phone and Windows tablets in the coming months.

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