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Destiny Sequel in Development as User Base Hits 9.5 Million

by Ron Duwell | November 5, 2014November 5, 2014 11:30 am PDT

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Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. Destiny is the biggest video game of the year. Any online game that can sport the kind of numbers that World of Warcraft once did when it was at its peak is doing alright. Destiny’s 9.5 million registered users might not make it the best selling game of the year, but in terms of press and potential lasting impact, I can’t think of anything that has done better.

So what is the next natural step for a game that landed in the top ten most successful launches of all time? Well, that means a sequel! Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg used the company’s earnings call to announce that Destiny’s sequel is underway.

“Work has also begun on future expansion packs as well as on our next full game release. We’re very pleased with the launch and continuing engagement.”

Now, the cynical among us would question why Bungie and Activision would start working on Destiny 2 when they haven’t even finished making Destiny yet. When you have a game that was sold on the promise that it would eventually live up to its hype and potential some day, starting work on a sequel doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that that promise will pan out.

Was it just me or was Destiny always supposed to be a platform to build off of, not be sent back to the grindstone after a season of success?

Granted, any sequel of Destiny is probably at least two to three years away, and I am just jaded by the annual releases that Activision has standardized, but how about it? If this first Destiny game doesn’t live up to the lofty promises after two to three years of patches and expansions, will you be able to swallow more hype promising that the next Destiny game will eventually be good after its release?


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