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Microsoft Attacks the MacBook Air in New Yoga 3 Pro Ad

by Killian Bell | November 3, 2014November 3, 2014 4:00 am PDT


Microsoft has published a new ad for Lenovo’s latest Yoga 3 Pro notebook, and the software giant attacks Apple’s popular MacBook Air to highlight its advantages. In addition to the touchscreen, Microsoft touts its thinness and the ability to fold back its display.

Microsoft has been known to use its own Surface tablets to attack the iPad, but the company has chosen third-party hardware for its assault on the MacBook Air. It’s only lighthearted, of course, and the Yoga 3 Pro’s “advantages” may not be advantages for you depending on what you’re looking for in a laptop.

However, Microsoft does pick some compelling reasons to choose a Yoga Pro 3 over Apple’s ultraportable. It first highlights the size differences, with the MacBook Air measuring 17mm thick, and the Lenovo machine measuring just 13mm thick. Then it points out the Yoga 3 Pro’s touchscreen, which we’re unlikely to ever see on a Mac.

Microsoft also showcases a feature we’ve become accustomed to from Yoga devices — the ability to fold the keyboard behind the display and use the device more like a tablet.

This is all well and good if you want to use a notebook like that, in which case you’ll be much better off with a Yoga Pro 3. But if you already have a tablet and you just need a traditional laptop to use like a laptop, the MacBook Air has its advantages, too.

It runs Mac OS X, of course — which is the only reason many people need to choose Apple — and it is $300 cheaper than the Yoga 3 Pro at $999. In addition, the MacBook Air boasts much better battery life, with around 13 hours of use in between charges versus the Yoga 3 Pro’s 7 hours.

Which machine would you prefer?


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