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Furious 7 Trailer Is Insane and Ridiculous, But Still Awesome

by Brandon Russell | November 1, 2014November 1, 2014 2:30 pm PDT

The Fast and Furious brand began as an ode to the underground race scene. Now in its seventh film (seventh!), the movies have evolved into some of the more exciting and entertaining action movies out there. Sure, they go way beyond the world of believability; if ever there was entertainment that required the suspension of disbelieve, Fast and Furious is it. But they’re the guiltiest pleasure around, and Furious 7 looks to carry on that trend.

The trailer for the next installment in the storied series has finally been released, giving us over two minutes of footage from the upcoming action film. You’ll see new locations, new characters, insane cars and one sequence that looks so insane it almost becomes parody. But that’s why we love the films in the first place. They offer the right amount of ridiculousness while still being fun.

Furious 7 was originally scheduled to come out this year, but following the untimely death of Paul Walker, who plays Brian O’Conner, the producers and filmmakers had to make some changes in order to gracefully retire his character, while still leaving room for more films down the road. Each subsequent Fast and Furious film makes a killing at the box office, and even though they’re up to the seventh film, the series is more popular than ever.

The trailer gives some of the plot details away, but it basically surrounds the character of Ian Shaw (Jason Statham), who is after the Fast & Furious crew for killing his brother, Owen Shaw, in the previous film.

Furious 7 will hit theaters on April 3, 2015.

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