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The Evil Within Kills it on All Four Consoles During its Debut Week in Japan

The Evil Within (1)

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s return to the video game scene with The Evil Within has scored him a lot of praise in his home country of Japan, and the game is off to a huge start financially. All four console versions placed in Media Create’s top 20 best selling games of the week, bringing the total number sold to 124,144 units and a second place finish to Monster Hunter 4G.

Man, nothing can stop that Monster Hunter, can it?

The breakdown of the four versions saw the PlayStation 3 version crawl out on top with 59,388 and the still blooming PlayStation 4 59,204 falling just short at 59,204, the third and fourth place positions respectively. The Xbox One version nabbed 13th place with 3,233, and the Xbox 360 was the 17th best selling game of the week with just 2,319.

The Evil Within’s debut week saw 8,942 PlayStation 4s sold into the public, but the Xbox One decreased 115 from last week’s numbers. The PlayStation 3 managed to sell 5,138. Who doesn’t have one of these yet?

So, overall, Shinji Mikami is probably still really happy that he can make a hit in his home country without sacrificing what he loves about games. The Evil Within is a fantastic game that highlights all of his best qualities from the NES RPG Sweet Home to his most popular hit, Resident Evil 4.

Even more so than him, Bethesda has to be really pleased by the turnout of this game. Western publishers have been trying for decades to crack the Japanese market with numbers like this, and it’s something only the likes of Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto ever really see. Perhaps Bethesda could share a few tips with its competitors on the successful formula, but poaching an iconic Japanese developer is something Microsoft has already tried with Hideki Kamiya and Platinum Games’ incoming Scalebound.

I’m really interested in seeing how that one pans out.

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