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Here’s What PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection Looks Like in November

Binding of Isaac

Another month, another helping of games from the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. Perhaps all of the big publishers realize that you are too busy playing all of the biggest games this season, because November’s offering sports a huge dose of indie magic.

On the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to two wonderful indie titles, Image & Form’s mining platformer SteamWorld Dig and Team Meat designer Edmund McMillen’s solo game, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Both are well known and beloved on the indie scene and are definitely worth checking out for free.

SteamWorld Dig is a more solid experience from beginning to end, but The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth sports far more replay value. Good complements for one another.

I am unfamiliar with the PS Vita options, which are Escape Plan and The Hungry Horde for free for the entire month. The Hungry Horde screams of a survival game against hordes of the undead with a boxy cartoonish look, and Escape Plan is a puzzler with a very dark style to it.

The PlayStation 3 offers Frozen Synapse Prime, a third-person shooter with strategy elements, and another indie game I can throw my support behind, Luftrausers. In it, you are tasked with controlling planes in an arcade style shooter as they battle for air supremacy and improve.

Last month’s games are still up for grabs until November the 4th, so be sure to get those. For my part, I’ll give a full-hearted recommendation to Luftrausers, SteamWorld Dig, and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It doesn’t especially matter what I recommend though, because all each will cost you is a few minutes of your time to check out.

Ron Duwell

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