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Instagram Video Ads Hitting Your Feed Now

by Jacob Kleinman | October 30, 2014October 30, 2014 7:00 pm PDT


Instagram has been slowly peppering your photo-feed with still image ads for about a year, and now the company is moving on to phase two: video ads. The Facebook-owned firm confirmed the news to Adweek on Thursday, revealing the first four commercials that will play on Instagram starting today.

Just like with picture ads, Instagram says it will review every video ad before it goes live. The company has a pretty strict set of rules, which push advertisers to create images that blend in with the rest of the photos you see in your feed. But with these new commercials it’s even more obvious that you’re watching a sponsored post.

The first four ads come from Banana Republic, The Flash TV series, Call of Duty and Disney, which is promoting its new animated film Big Hero 6. Instagram also says it has been testing video ads for the past six months, so it’s possible you’ve seen one or two pop up on your phone already.

We understand that Instagram needs to make money, but these new in-app commercials really don’t mesh with the rest of the experience. If the company isn’t careful it may just end up driving away the massive user base that attracts those high profile brands in the first place. Check out the ads for yourself to see what we mean.


Jacob Kleinman

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