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Reddit Launches a Crowd-Funding Site to Compete with Kickstarter

by Jacob Kleinman | October 29, 2014October 29, 2014 10:00 pm PDT


Reddit has a pretty strong policy against self-promotion, but a new site launched by the company may help its users (called Redditors) do just that. Redditmade is a crowd-funding site in the same vein as Kickstarter, though there are a few differences between the two services.

First of all, Redditmade isn’t quite as wide-open as Kickstarter, which lets you take pretty much any idea and pitch it to the masses. Reddit’s take on crowd-funding is limited to T-Shirts and other physical objects—there’s a lot of T-Shirts. Reddit also promises a “no risk and zero cost” experience, offering to guide you along the way and even work on your design. With Kickstarter, you’re pretty much on your own, and third-party companies have even popped up to help entrepreneurs through the complex crowd-funding process.

Of course, there are similarities as well. For example, Kickstarter takes a five percent cut of every successful project. Redditmade will take a cut as well, though the company says the goal is simply to cover the costs of running its new service. Both sites offer the opportunity to make a profit through successful crowd-funding, but Reddit takes things a step further by encouraging users to donate any extra cash they bring in.

For now, most of the projects on Redditmade are pretty referential, appealing to fans of the site and its topic-specific message boards (called subreddits). Whether Reddit’s new project can blossom into an active market that competes directly for crowd-funding cash with Kickstarter is unclear, but for now it looks like a pretty cool place to buy T-Shirts.


Jacob Kleinman

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