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OnePlus Will Accept One Pre-orders Again on Nov. 17

by Brandon Russell | October 28, 2014October 28, 2014 6:00 pm PDT


OnePlus’s pre-order system was… let’s just call it eventful. The young company said it worked extra hard for months leading up to yesterday’s event, yet the site still buckled under the weight of Internet traffic. The silver lining is that people are still very much interested in the OnePlus One, which is among the top handsets out there. However, a lot of consumers are still no closer to buying one thanks to the botched pre-order launch, leaving a bitter taste.

The good news is that, after “tens of thousands” or pre-orders, OnePlus plans on holding another pre-order event. The exact date and time will be Nov. 17 at 15:00 GMT which, if my calculations are correct, converts to 7:00 a.m. PST.

Despite a dedicated hardware platform set up for the event, our servers still had difficult with the surge of traffic received when the pre-orders opened.

This is certainly not how we wanted to kick off our first ever pre-order and we are exceptionally sorry for the inconvenience cause to so many users.

OnePlus says it has identified where it all went wrong, and promises the same issue won’t arise when pre-orders are accepted next month. The company merely says it will open up another “pre-order window,” but doesn’t specify for how long. I imagine OnePlus will keep channels open for a few hours again, but hopefully without the server issues.

If you couldn’t get a device on Monday, you’ll have another shot in a few weeks. For now, OnePlus has a number of questions and answers up on its site regarding the last pre-order fiasco, so head there if you have any lingering issues.


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