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Apple Reveals Why It Killed the iPod Classic

by Todd Haselton | October 28, 2014October 28, 2014 8:00 am PDT

iPod Classic - RIP

Apple quietly killed off the iPod Classic once and for all earlier this year. On Sept. 9, following the introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the iPod Classic was pulled from Apple’s store shelves quietly, set to rest in peace among the MP3 players it dominated for years. It had been 1,826 days since the iPod Classic was last updated in 2009.

So why did Apple lay the iPod Classic to rest?

Speaking during the WSJDLive conference on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook finally provided an explanation. It’s not only because Apple is focusing on new products, though that’s likely one explanation, and it’s not necessarily because demand had diminished entirely, though we suspect there wasn’t much left. Instead, Cook explained that Apple ultimately decided to relieve the iPod Classic of duty because it was unable to obtain parts for the device.

That seems like an overly simple explanation, but it’s right from the horse’s mouth. Apple probably could have released a new model with flash storage and other upgrades, but it’s likely given the decreasing demand and focus on other product categories, Apple didn’t see the value in doing so. As such, it decided not to continue production of a product which had parts that were harder and harder to come by.

Miss the iPod Classic? Us too. R.I.P.

Todd Haselton

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