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Fitbit Surge Breaks Cover Yet Again Before Official Announcement

by Brandon Russell | October 25, 2014October 25, 2014 9:00 am PDT


Before the device has even officially been announced, the Fitbit Surge has been outed (again) by an unlikely source: Brookstone. The do-everything retailer put up a landing page for the rumored “super watch,” revealing just about every last detail about the activity tracker. There’s no question the Surge is coming. Now the only thing left is for Fitbit to fess up and reveal the darn thing.

As of this writing, Brookstone’s entire site is down due to maintenance, though The Verge grabbed a screenshot of the product page. All of the marketing appears to be in place for a release; there’s a product description, video, and a handful of product photos showing the Surge in fitness-y situations.

“Perfect for the fitness enthusiasts: built-in GPS tracker and continuous heart rate monitoring help you train smarter,” the description reads.

Looking through more of the production description, the Surge is a device that’s definitely being aimed at hardcore runners. A GPS tracker is included (no smartphone required), and there are a number of sensors to track the usual stats, from your heart rate, to distance traveled, calories burned, and more; the usual stuff, just that much more advanced. The Surge also comes with a big touchscreen, sleep-tracking capabilities and smartwatch-like functionality. Basically, the Surge covers all the right bases and, of course, is water resistant, so you can sweat and run in the rain without issue.

The Surge is still definitely a fitness-focused device, and not necessarily a smartwatch competitor. But it sounds like a very powerful wearable, making it a pretty nice little tracker for all the fitness enthusiasts across the world. With marketing material already popping up, it sure looks like the Surge will be available this holiday season for, rumors claim, $250.

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