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Rite Aid Reportedly Pulls Support for Apple Pay & Google Wallet

by Jacob Kleinman | October 24, 2014October 24, 2014 9:00 pm PST


Rite Aid wasn’t an official Apple Pay launch partner, but when the mobile payments service went live this week it seemed to work just fine at the drugstore chain. Now we’re hearing reports that Rite Aid has pulled support for both Apple Pay and Google Wallet without offering an official explanation.

MacRumors has rounded up a handful of tweet and blog posts from people who experienced the issue. One person claims he spoke to a Rite Aid employee who offered a bit of insight. Apparently the company sent out an email telling stores it would no longer accept Apple Pay, though it’s still unclear why. We do have a few theories though.

It’s possible Rite Aid is simply waiting until Apple Pay works out a few early bugs, including one that charged some users twice for each transaction made through Bank of America. It’s also possible the company is actually pushing back against Apple’s payment service, which cuts merchants out of the loop when it comes to customer data. A few other companies have refused to support Apple Pay for the same reason, including Best Buy and Walmart

If Apple Pay grows in popularity, companies like Rite Aid, Best Buy and Walmart will likely have to get onboard eventually. Until then you may be out of luck, though you can always head to Walgreens instead if you really want to use the mobile payment service.


Jacob Kleinman

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