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Xbox 360 Achievements Hint at a Re-Release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

by Ron Duwell | October 23, 2014October 23, 2014 3:30 pm PST

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Hey everybody! We know you’re all too excited about the re-release of a year old video game, Grand Theft Auto V, to care about the re-release of a decade old video game, but here it is anyway. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the ultra popular third entry from the series’ revolutionary PlayStation 2 days, appears primed and ready for an Xbox 360 release thanks to the emergence of some achievements. has the entire list of 33 achievements and 1000 points for those who want some spoilers. The game had a release on the original Xbox back in the day, but it has never been given the HD facelift a lot of its best selling peers have gotten. The game was also digitally released in 2008 through the Xbox Games Store, but it has since been taken down, meaning that this new version could be a retooling which renders the old one obsolete.

And look at this huge coincidence! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was first released on October 26th, 2004, exactly 10 years this month. But… that doesn’t smell like a coincidence at all! Rockstar must be up to something.

The game is still available on the PlayStation Store as a PlayStation 2 Classic. We will keep an eye on it to see if Sony is also getting this potential retooling, but if you’ve ever wanted to own the original and authentic version digitally on your PS3, you might want to pick it up soon.

For what its worth, the Grand Theft Auto games from those days are really difficult to get back into, and if I get the urge, it is Grand Theft Auto III which I turn to. The aiming and running is just so weird and different from today’s smooth and polished standards. Maybe though, Rockstar has retooled San Andreas in a way that makes it more enjoyable to the newer generation as well! One can hope!

Just a rumor for now, but I think it’s okay to expect something in the coming days.

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