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Apple Pay: Watch How Ridiculously Easy It Is

by Todd Haselton | October 21, 2014October 21, 2014 7:00 am PST

Apple Pay is active in some retail establishments today, like McDonald’s and Subway, and support for the new payment system launched inside iOS 8.1, which also hit devices on Monday. We wanted to see just how well Apple Pay works in public; we gave it a whirl on Apple’s Cupertino campus, but that’s a controlled environment, so we decided to walk into a retail store to see how it works in the wild.

After setting the system up on our iPhone, we walked into an Apple Store location and used an American Express card that was already stored in Passbook to make a payment. We had originally hoped to film an entire walkthrough video of the process, but it happened so quickly and worked so effortlessly that we didn’t really have much to film. That’s good news, though, because it shows how ridiculously easy Apple Pay is to use once it’s setup.

We’ve included a quick Instagram clip of the whole process below. Have you tried Apple Pay yet? If so, what was your experience like?

Apple Pay in action! I will buy all the things

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Note: If the above video doesn’t load in your browser, head direct to our clip on Instagram.

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