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Final Fantasy XIV Gets its First Expansion: Heavensward

by Eric Frederiksen | October 20, 2014October 20, 2014 2:30 pm PDT

Big things are coming for players of Square Enix’s MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.

The upcoming Heavensward expansion focuses on the Dragonsong War that plays a role in the game’s fiction and will be adding a variety of new features to the game.

New areas, a new player race, additional jobs and airships are all heading to the game.

Airships. It’s almost enough to get me playing a Massively Multiplayer Online game again.

There’s no release date for the expansion yet, but it looks like fans of this once-troubled RPG have some great new content to look forward to. Some screenshots of one of the new areas, a Skyrim-esque castle city, came out of the recent Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas, as well as some concept art depicting a potential airship.


Eric Frederiksen

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