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TechnoBuffalo’s Android Licorice Stock Pictures – What Could Have Been

by Sean P. Aune | October 20, 2014October 20, 2014 3:15 pm PST

What would TechnoBuffalo have looked like if Google had called Android 5.0 Licorice instead of Lollipop? Well, now you can know.

Starting a ways back, TechnoBuffalo started using Android figures with real life items to represent the various versions of Android operating systems. We really started doing this with Jelly Bean, and when it looked like “K” was going to be Key Lime Pie, we went and bought one and followed suit. As we all know, that ended up being KitKat and the Key Lime Pie pics ended up just collecting dust in our system.

Up until the announcement of Lollipop being the L name last week, there were also rumors it might be called Licorice, so we were in a conundrum. We opted to go out and buy both sweet treats and shoot pictures for both so we were ready. Once Lollipop became official we began using those pictures, and the Licorice pictures would languish forever as unused images we shot.

Just for fun we thought you might want to see those so we threw them into the gallery above. For extra fun, we threw in the Key Lime Pie pics below as most of them were never used on the site.

The Key Lime Pie actually sat in the office freezer for months after the pictures were taken as no one was interested in eating it. The licorice didn’t share the same fate and almost all of it is gone now… the lollipops didn’t even last a week.

Consider this just a fun peek behind the curtain of what TechnoBuffalo does to bring you original photos related to breaking news.

Android Key Lime Pie

Sean P. Aune

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