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Google’s Nexus Player Already Pulled From the Play Store

by Brandon Russell | October 18, 2014October 18, 2014 10:00 am PDT


Google’s new Nexus Player was a pleasant surprise among a big lineup of new Nexus devices. The search giant has attempted to takeover the living room before, yet has only had marginal success with the Chromecast, though that device is relatively limited (and a bit buggy) compared to more fully-featured set-top boxes.

But now that the Nexus Player has been announced, it’s already experiencing its first minor issue.

According to Google, the device wasn’t approved by the FCC, and therefore can’t be sold in the U.S. just yet. That doesn’t mean the set-top box won’t be available down the road, but it sure isn’t a good way to start off life in an already crowded market. Just yesterday the device was made available up on the Google Play store to pre-order for $99, but that obviously didn’t last very long.

Devices typically pass through the FCC before an official announcement, but perhaps Google decided to unveil the device first so we weren’t tipped off to its existence. In any case, you can’t buy the Nexus Player just yet, though I imagine it’ll return to the Google Play store in time for an early November launch.

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