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Archos Enters the Virtual Reality Game With $30 VR Glasses


Samsung and Carl Zeiss have already announced devices that’ll turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset, and now Archos is entering the game with the most affordable option so far. It’s called Archos VR Glasses, and it’ll cost just $29.99 when it goes on sale next month.

Just like the Gear VR from Samsung and the VR One from Carl Zeiss, Archos VR is a simple headset that uses your smartphone to deliver a virtual reality experience. Archos says it’s compatible with any device powered by Android, iOS, or Windows Phone up to six inches in size.

To get the best experience out of Archos VR, however, your smartphone will need a few things — namely a full HD display around 5 inches big, a quad-core processor, and motion sensors like an accelerometer and gyroscope. With those things on board, Archos VR promises to “transform gaming and more.”

Archos VR is compatible with over 100 virtual reality apps, Archos says, and an upcoming Archos Video Player update will deliver support for 3D videos that will create “the illusion of [sitting] in a 3D movie theatre.” Archos will also be offering a Bluetooth controller for those who will be using the device to play virtual reality games.

Archos VR Glasses will be available next month from, priced at just $29.99. In comparison, the aforementioned Gear VR — which is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 4 for now — will be priced at $249, and the VR One will cost $99.

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