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New Nintendo 3DS Sold 230,000 Units in Japan Over First Weekend

by Joey Davidson | October 15, 2014October 15, 2014 9:30 pm PDT

The New Nintendo 3DS officially released last week in Japan. It comes in two flavors, a small and large version. Those two variants combined to account for more than 230,000 units sold in that first weekend alone.

The closest competition for the week in Japan? It actually belongs to the older Nintendo 3DS, which moved roughly 27,000 units during the week. After that, Japanese gamers purchased 11,697 PlayStation 4s, 9,298 PS Vitas, 6,309 Wii Us, 4,954 PlayStation 3s, 809 Xbox Ones, 97 Xbox 360s and 67 PSPs.

So, right, the New Nintendo 3DS smashed the competition. Which, hey, is a practically a given considering the fact that the LL (we call it the XL abroad) had a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate bundle. The LL accounted for more than 170,000 of the 230,000 New Nintendo 3DS units sold.

Finally, NeoGAF user L~A offered some comparison regarding the track record of the Nintendo 3DS’ best weeks in Japan.

  • Best Christmas 2011 week – 510,629
  • Best Christmas 2012 week – 433,788
  • Launch week – 371,326
  • 3DS XL Launch week – 235,974
  • 3DS Price Drop – 214,821 

I think it’s safe to say that the New Nintendo 3DS will breathe some life into Nintendo’s handheld arsenal. Not that it needed too much to begin with. It’s been doing well ever since its price drop several years ago.

The New Nintendo 3DS will launch in Australia on November 21. The rest of the world is slated to see the upgraded portable in early 2015.

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