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Google Expands and Rebrands Its Same-Day Delivery Service

by Jacob Kleinman | October 14, 2014October 14, 2014 10:00 pm PDT

google express logo

Google and Amazon may not have seemed like obvious enemies at first, but as both companies continue to expand the two seem to compete more and more each year. Google already offers its own same-day and next-day delivery service to compete with Amazon Prime and AmazonFresh. Now the search giant is expanding, while at the same time introducing a new membership program that offers a few extra perks at a price.

A Google Express (formerly Google Shopping Express) membership costs $95 per year or $10 per month. You can also choose to pay $4.99 per order instead, but it makes sense to sign-up if you use the service regularly. In exchange, you’ll also get free same-day or overnight shipping for “eligible” orders over $15 and first pick for delivery windows. You can also share your membership with another person in your house.

Google Express is also expanding, so you may have access to the service even if you didn’t before. Specifically, it’s now available in three more cities: Chicago, Boston and DC. That means million people now have access to same-day delivery through the company, while 12 million Northern California residents can also use Google’s next-day service.

Don’t worry if it’s still not in your area. Google has big plans for its delivery service, and reportedly plans to expand Express to cover the entire country as it continues to challenge Amazon. There’s no word on when it plans to increase its footprint again, though for now there’s always Amazon Prime with free two-day delivery.

Jacob Kleinman

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