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Fitbit Charge HR and Charge Fitness Bands Spilled

by Brandon Russell | October 14, 2014October 14, 2014 9:00 pm PST

GG2013 - Break - FitBit Force

To make up for its recall meltdown earlier this year, Fitbit will reportedly release two new fitness trackers in time for the holiday season. According to marketing materials acquired by Gizmodo, the company is set to unveil the Charge and Charge HR, the latter of which will be capable of tracking your heart rate.

The materials are a little difficult to make out, but Gizmodo has a full feature breakdown of each new wearable. Both look similar to Fitbit’s Force, though without all the rash issues people complained about. That’s not a bad thing, either, as the Force was a fairly slick device that was easy enough to use without feeling obnoxious.

Like other Fitbit gadgets, the Charge and Charge HR will track steps, distance, calories burned, and floors climbed. They’ll also monitor sleep quality, active minutes, and display important information such as stats, time and caller ID. Both wearables will, of course, also be water resistant, which means you have no excuses not to run when it’s raining outside.

The Charge HR, however, will be Fitbit’s more powerful and complete device. Not only will it track the data mentioned above, but the heart rate sensor will also give you a read every 24 hours. According to the marketing material, that’s important for better calorie tracking and cardio training. If you’re training for a marathon or some other insane physical activity, the Charge HR might be the one to get.

Important information like battery life isn’t mentioned, nor is price, though Gizmodo points to a leak by a Russian retailer that lists the Charge at $185 and Charge HR at $220. With marketing materials seemingly ready to roll out, it sure looks like some kind of announcement is imminent. We’ll bring your all the necessary info once it hits.



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