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Oppo N3 Photo Teaser Hints at a Familiar Design

by Jacob Kleinman | October 13, 2014October 13, 2014 12:00 pm PDT

Last month a pair of photos claiming to reveal the Oppo N3 surfaced online, suggesting the company could take the upcoming device in a bold new design direction. Now it looks like we may get a more familiar-looking phone instead, at least based on a teaser photo shared by Oppo early Monday morning.

Based on today’s teaser the Oppo N3 looks very similar to last year’s N1. It features the same rotating camera design up top, though the lens has been pushed slightly to the side. It looks like Oppo also jammed its dual-LED flash into a single module and added some stitched leather around the camera.

Otherwise the design looks extremely familiar, though of course we’re getting a pretty limited look at the upcoming smartphone. The Oppo N3 could offer a bigger display, thinner bezels or a new button layout. We’re also guessing the new phone will pack upgraded specs, and may even increase the megapixel count on that camera. The device will also feature a space-grade metal design according to an earlier teaser.

Oppo is expected to unveil the N3 later this month on Oct. 29, and that still leaves plenty of time for new details to spill. We’re curious to see how the company improves its unique rotating camera, which definitely offered a fresh take on hardware design.

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