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1 Million People Are Already Testing The Windows 10 Technical Preview

by Jacob Kleinman | October 13, 2014October 13, 2014 4:00 pm PDT

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Late last month Microsoft finally unveiled the next version of Windows, which it unexpectedly decided to call Windows 10. The official release is slated for late 2015, but the company is offering a technical preview and it may already be a hit. According to Microsoft, 1 million people have registered to test out Windows 10.

The news comes from a Microsoft blog post published earlier today, which focuses on the Windows 10 Technical Preview and claims the company has already received 200,000 pieces of feedback. Microsoft also notes that, even if you don’t have any original feedback to share, you can still help out. Just click the “me too” button built into the preview; confirming an issue someone else already reported will show Microsoft that it’s affecting multiple people.

Microsoft says most people are using Windows 10 as their go-to operating system, rather than containing the preview in a virtual machine. 64 percent of testers are running Windows 10 an a real PC, while 68 percent of people use it to launch at least seven apps per day.

You can still sign up to try the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and even offer your own feedback without installing the new operating system. We still recommend using a virtual machine or a secondary PC rather than a computer you use everyday, just in case there are stability issues that arise, but it’s pretty clear not everyone agrees with us. Either way, this is your chance to let Microsoft know what it should include with the next version of Windows, so don’t hold back.

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