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Microsoft’s Surface Hub App Brings Stylus Customization to Surface Pro 3


Microsoft has released a new Surface Hub application for the Surface Pro 3 which finally gives users the ability to customize different stylus features — including pressure sensitivity and the functionality of the top button.

Surface Pro users have long been calling for the ability to customize their bundled Surface Pen — particularly the features mentioned above — and Microsoft has finally addressed those requests with a new application vaguely named Surface Hub.

Available for free from the Windows Store and designed specifically for the Surface Pro 3 Pen, one of Hub’s customization features is the ability to change the shortcut associated with the button on the top of the stylus. For the time being, however, users aren’t given the freedom to select any application they wish.

Instead, you can choose between the default OneNote app that’s optimized for Surface, or the regular, desktop version. Microsoft is said to be planning greater button customization in the future, but until then, this is all you get.

Hub also lets users alter pressure sensitivity. “Moving the pen pressure slider all the way to the right yields a uniform line,” reports Rick Rodriguez of the Surface Pro Artist blog. “This will be helpful to users who complain that applications require too much pressure to register their strokes.”

Surface Hub can be downloaded now from the Windows Store by following the source link below.

Killian Bell

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