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Microsoft’s New Android Wear Keyboard Lets You Write to Type


Microsoft was probably the last company you were expecting to see releasing an Android Wear keyboard, but a new prototype release from the software giant’s Research division lets users write on their wrists to type out texts and more.

Analog Keyboard, a free download from Microsoft’s website, is the first custom Android Wear keyboard that lets you handwrite letters to input text. If you don’t like the idea of using miniature keyboards like Minuum, then, using Analog Keyboard to write short replies to incoming messages and draft notes could be a viable alternative.

Now, because this is considered a prototype — with a “0.1” version number — it isn’t final, so you should expect bugs, inaccuracies, and other instabilities. In addition, Analog Keyboard is initially available only on the Moto 360, and square Android Wear watches with 320×320 display resolutions.

If you’re still curious and you want to go ahead and give Analog Keyboard a try, you’ll find the files you need along with installation instructions on the Microsoft Research website via the source link below.

Microsoft Research Android Central Android Central

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