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Get Your LG G Watch for Just $159.99 at Best Buy


If you’re looking to pick up your first Android Wear watch, and you’re not too concerned with having anything super fancy, then the original LG G Watch is a great buy at just $159.99. That’s $70 off the regular retail price — thanks to Best Buy.

I’ve used a number of Android Wear watches since the platform made its public debut this summer, but I haven’t yet picked up my own. That’s partly because I don’t think Android Wear is quite ready to replace my Pebble yet, but also because I knew that as the holiday season edged closer, we’d see some terrific reductions on the initial Android Wear lineup.

The G Watch has been reduced a number of times by lots of retailers now, and every time the price continues to get a little bit more attractive. Best Buy’s latest deal, which sees $70 slashed off the G Watch’s original price tag, lets you get your hands on the device — in Titan Black and White Gold — for just $159.99.

Of course, you should bear in mind that the G Watch isn’t exactly the best Android Wear watch you can buy. It doesn’t have a heart rate monitor like the Samsung Gear Live, and it’s nowhere near as beautiful as the Moto 360. But it does have good specifications and a water-resistant form factor, and it’s compatible with any standard, 22mm watch strap.

If those other things aren’t too important to you, then, the G Watch is a great route into the Android Wear ecosystem that won’t break the bank. Get yours from Best Buy now before this deal ends.

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