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Final Fantasy XIII on the PC Already Modded for Resolution Boost to 1080p

by Ron Duwell | October 12, 2014October 12, 2014 6:00 am PDT

I’m starting to think that publishers want fans to make these mods. I mean, why sink resources into making your own product operate at full capacity when ambitious fans are just going to do it for free?

The latest example is Final Fantasy XIII seeing its PC release through Steam. Fans were disappointed to see that the game’s resolution was capped at 720p when it launched on Oct. 9. Step in usual suspect Peter “Durante” Thorman, the creator of mods for games like Dark Souls that need the resolution boost. Within hours of the release, he had a patch up and running that allows the game to run in 1080p.

Chances are the sequels will also not sport 1080p resolution, so be sure to check in again when they see a PC launch.

The patch is not perfect in all places, especially non-interactive scenes, and Thorman says it should be used “at your own risk.” However, those who want Final Fantasy XIII in true 1080p, this is the best option. You can see the differences in a video captured by Polygon.

Ron Duwell

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