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Beats and Bose Reach Patent Suit Settlement

by Todd Haselton | October 10, 2014October 10, 2014 8:00 pm PDT

Beats Solo 2 11

Bose and Apple-owned Beats  have recently settled a patent dispute. The news comes as both companies continue to make headlines. Rumors has it Apple is about to kick Bose products out of its stores to promote Beats products, while the NFL recently banned Beats in favor of Bose. The two companies are clearly in stiff competition, but the courtroom battles are over for now, according to Bloomberg.

The news outlet said Friday the two firms “settled their claims” in a Delaware court. Bose filed the suit against Beats in late July when it alleged the company was using its patent active noise reduction (ANR) technology.  “Bose’s continued success depends in substantial part on its ability to establish, maintain, and protect its proprietary technology through enforcement of its patent rights,” the company said in July.

Bose doesn’t license its technology to other firms, so it’s unclear what sort of agreement it reached with Apple/Beats and, if damages were paid, how much Beats paid Bose. We also don’t know if Bose somehow convinced Beats to stop producing certain parts of its headphones that it believed were infringing on the aforementioned ANR patents. Or if Apple/Beats was able to convince Bose otherwise.  At any rate this patent dispute seems to have been settled with very little litigation. Thank goodness.


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