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iOS 8.1 Beta 2 Hints at Sharper Retina HD Display for New iPads

iPad mini With Retina, Display

Touch ID, more RAM, and even thinner form factors may not be the only improvements Apple has in store for its new iPads. Resources discovered in the company’s latest iOS 8.1 beta 2 seed suggest we may also see even sharper Retina HD displays.

Various user interface elements baked into Apple apps like the Clock are now three times the size of their original versions. Apple doubled the size of these assets when it first introduced the Retina displays used on today’s iPads — and the fact that it has made them even larger again indicates it could have even sharper displays in store for us.


Apple rolled out its first Retina HD displays with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus earlier this month, and both offer higher resolutions than any of the iPhone displays that came before them. The 6 Plus also has a significantly greater pixel density, making it the sharpest iPhone display Apple has ever made.

Similar improvements could also be planned for the new iPads, then — though we recommend not getting too excited until we have confirmation from Apple. These larger elements could be reserved for the much-anticipated 12-inch iPad we’ve been hearing so much about, which will almost certainly deliver the sharpest iPad display we’ve ever seen.

Apple is also expected to announce a Retina iMac at its event next week, so improving the displays across its entire product line could well be its focus over the coming years. We’ll know more on October 16 when the event kicks off at the Apple Town Hall.

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