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Google Prepping App Preview Project for Google Play

by Brandon Russell | October 8, 2014October 8, 2014 7:00 pm PST


The Information reports Google is set to introduce a new application preview system that would allow users to trial an app before purchasing it. The setup sounds similar to what game companies do with demos, giving consumers a small snippet of the full experience. If set up properly, the new initiative would all but eliminate buyer’s remorse, and possibly increase interest in little-known apps.

It’s unclear when such a feature would launch, and developers would obviously need to be onboard for such an initiative to work. But the approach could drive Android users to take a more vested interest in the thousands and thousands of apps currently residing in Google Play. For developing countries, the new system will help users be absolutely certain about an app before they make a final purchase. Individual apps are typically fairly cheap, but multiple purchases can quickly add up.

Google I/O has obviously come and gone, but perhaps we’ll hear more concrete information when Android L is finally released. Such an undertaking would obviously take months of planning, and it’s unknown how far along development on the project is. Or, for that matter, if it’s going to launch at all.

Would you be inclined to try out more apps before buying them?


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