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Hangouts Introduces Improved Noise Filters To Silence Your Loud Typing

by Brandon Russell | October 7, 2014October 7, 2014 11:00 pm PST

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Google Hangouts no longer mutes you when it detects keyboard noise. Google says improved ambient noise filters will reduce the sound of your clicky mechanical keyboard, and mute that noise out instead. If you’re a loud typist, this new feature is awesome.

Before, when Hangouts detected keyboard noise, it would mute users altogether, making it incredibly inconvenient for those who wanted to multitask while on a call. You should run into no such issues in the future, and instead enjoy a silent and friendly discussion without the pounding noise of keyboard typing.

The update is currently available to Hangouts on the Web. Now if only Skype would introduce similar ambient noise technology. (If it’s there already, it sure doesn’t make a lick of difference.) I haven’t tried Hangouts to see how well the new ambient filters work, but if it can pass the “Todd Haselton Test” (boy he types like a maniac), then I think I may have found our new conference call solution for big events.


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