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Cyanogen Said to Partner with Micromax on a New Smartphone

by Jacob Kleinman | October 7, 2014October 7, 2014 12:30 pm PDT

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Despite some early hiccups the OnePlus One has been a pretty big success overall, and now it looks like Cyanogen is already gearing up for its next big smartphone. The software company has partnered with Indian phone-maker Micromax in effort to bring CyanogenMod to the country, according to a new report from Tech2.

The report doesn’t offer any real specifics on the upcoming smartphone beyond claiming it will launch before the end of 2015. Micromax has made a name for itself by selling affordable products, so we’re guessing the next Cyanogen smartphone could be even cheaper than the OnePlus One. The company’s also partnered with Google for its Android One project, offering a mid-range stock Android phone for just $105.

Bringing CyanogenMod to India is a smart move, and more important it’s something OnePlus still hasn’t been able to do. In a forum post earlier this year the company outlined its plans to launch in India, noting that its website has been getting a ton of traffic from the country compared to some regions where the OnePlus One is already available. If Micromax can beat its competition to the market with a Cyanogen phone it could be a huge success, especially if its price falls somewhere around the $100 mark.


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