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Secret Facebook Payment Service Revealed

by Todd Haselton | October 6, 2014October 6, 2014 12:00 pm PDT


Venmo, PayPal and a range of other mobile payment services may soon find a new competitor on the block. A computer science student recently cracked into some code for the Facebook Messenger application and noticed some new mobile payment features that haven’t yet been revealed by the social network.

The student, Andrew Aude from Stanford, found that there’s the option to send money transfers inside of the Facebook Messenger application. It appears to function similarly to Venmo or PayPal. One user might simply send someone $50 for baseball tickets, for example, and that person could then, presumably, transfer that money to his or her bank account. According to TechCrunch, however, the app that Aude explored didn’t allow users to connect bank accounts just yet and instead only allowed payments through credit cards, so it’s unclear how one user might “cash out” the money he or she has received.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed interest in payments in the past though it’s unclear when, if ever, he plans to actually roll out the option. Check out two pictures of the app below.


Todd Haselton

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