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Honest Trailers Praises Destiny as the “Hottest 7 out of 10” of the Year

by Ron Duwell | October 6, 2014October 6, 2014 12:45 pm PDT

Border Halo-Lands of Warcraft Online? You gotta hand it to the writing crew over at Smosh Games. Those guys never hold back in their shellackings, do they?

Their latest victim is the biggest video gaming hit of the year, Destiny, and they hold nothing back, proclaiming it to be the best “7 out of 10 of the year.” Many of the problems they point out stem from issues that are promised to be fixed with time, but you can’t help but cringe with the awkward realization that they are indeed correct.

For as successful as it is, Destiny is an MMO with very few social features, and Smosh Games calls it a “beautiful mansion full of cheap IKEA furniture.” It’s a multiplayer shooter “with zero match-making” and a single player game “with about a week’s worth of content.” It lambastes Destiny for always having the intention of promising to be better with DLC, and it doesn’t hold back on Peter Dinklage’s phoned in performance either.

The best is when they call out Bungie’s annoying penchant for “background lore,” and I laughed at myself for getting into those Halo novels back in the day.

What do you think? Good points? I don’t mind them calling out the gameplay because we all can have our opinions on that. That’s a huge “whatever,” but yes, the real world effects of the game are spot on. Bungie’s lackluster and lazy way to deliver exposition and Activision promising to make a competent game better down the line both deserve to be called out.

And yes, despite the critiques, Smosh Games still admits that it’s an addicting game we still can’t stop playing.

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