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BBC iPlayer Viewers Now Have up to 30 Days to Catch Up on Shows

by Killian Bell | October 6, 2014October 6, 2014 5:00 am PST


The BBC has gained approval to give iPlayer viewers up to 30 days to catch up on their favorite TV and radio shows. The new playback period is a big improvement over the previous 7-day one, but a small number of current affairs shows will be excluded.

BBC Director General Tony Hall first confirmed the organization’s plans to extend the iPlayer catch-up period way back in April, but it’s taken six months to work out the necessary licenses with those who hold the rights for its extensive catalog of shows.

Approval comes just after the BBC carried out a “top-to-bottom rebuild of the various systems which power the BBC iPlayer,” it announced in a blog post. The new 30-day window will be available on all platforms, including Smart TVs and media streaming boxes like TiVo and YouView.

Initially, it will apply to streaming only, but the BBC plans to extend the window to downloads soon. Not all shows are eligible, however. Some current affairs programs will still be available for up to a year, while others — including Match of the Day, Crimewatch, and news bulletins — will remain available for just 7 days “for legal or contractual reasons.”

The BBC promises that lots more iPlayer improvements are planned for the coming weeks, so stay tuned to its blog for those if you’re an iPlayer addict.

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