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Yes, This Samsung Gear Live is Running Windows 95

Windows 95 on Gear Live

Believe it or not, those Android Wear devices are actually packing some pretty proficient components inside their tiny shells. In fact, some of them are capable of running full desktop operating systems — like this Samsung Gear Live, which is now powered by Windows 95.

YouTuber Corbin Davenport isn’t content with just using his Gear Live as an Android Wear smartwatch. He’s already demonstrated how it’s capable of playing games like Minecraft and Doomand in his latest video, he has his wearable running Microsoft’s 19-year-old desktop OS.

Admittedly, it’s a pretty shaky experience, and opening applications causes the device to run out of RAM and crash. Nevertheless, it’s neat to see a Windows operating system — even one as old as this — running on a watch.

If you’re interested in trying this out for yourself, Davenport used the “aDosBox” emulator built for Android to make it all happen. You can download it from Google Play for free.

YouTube Corbin Davenport

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